Jeffrey Scharf
Just Lucky I Guess

Wake up each morning to a beautiful dawn.
The birds are singing and I?m humming along.
Whatever?s coming,
If I give it my best,
Good things will happen.
I?m just lucky, I guess.

I?ve got a man at home who?s crazy for me.
My friends all tell me they don?t know what he sees.
And yet, he chose me
From all of the rest.
How did it happen?
I?m just lucky, I guess.
Can?t worry ?bout things I have not.
Living for some distant dream.
I wouldn?t trade what I?ve got
For the riches of any king.

Food on the table and a roof overhead.
Two little angels snuggled up in their bed.
Read them a story.
Count the ways that I?m blessed.
How did it happen?
Well, I?m just lucky, I guess.
Lyrics Credits: Jeffrey Scharf
Music Credits: Jeffrey Scharf
Song Length: 2:55
Primary Genre: Jazz-Classic
Secondary Genre: -