Jeffrey Scharf
Table Set for One

I dine alone in restaurants and feel the spotlight's glare
As if my heart's an open book and everyone's aware
That I have been abandoned by a love whose course has run
And do not have a date to share this table set for one.

A couple shares a secret smile in a booth where lights are dim.
I see the way he looks at her, the way she looks at him.
You and I, we used to look that way when love had just begun.
Now I?m sit alone here at this table set for one.

I miss love's great affection,
The blending of two souls.
The magical connection
Of halves becoming wholes.

I miss love's silent rapture
Saying more than words can tell.
Will I ever recapture
What once I knew so well?

Where is the one to share my hopes, the one to soothe my fears?
When will he come to share my joys and dry up all my tears?
Who is the one to share my love until my life is done?
The one who keeps me waiting at this table set for one.
Lyrics Credits: Jeffrey Scharf
Music Credits: Jerome Rossen
Song Length: 4:48
Primary Genre: Pop-Standards
Secondary Genre: -
Language: English