Jeffrey Scharf
Life in the Slow Lane

Some like the fast pace,
The maddening crowd.
Running the rat race.
Living life out loud.
I?ve been there and done that.
It didn?t do the trick.
Life in the slow lane - such a kick.

I don?t crave the spotlight.
I keep my lamp down low.
Backwoods and by-ways,
That?s how I go.
Sleeping by starlight where the
Clear waters flow.
Life in the slow lane?s great don?t you know.

Life in the slow lane
Suits me fine.
You take the money.
I?ll take the time.
I?ll watch the sunrise
Light up the sky.
Lie down in meadows and
Watch all the clouds roll by.

I don?t drive Ferraris
Porsches or Corvettes.
I don?t go to soirees
With the socialite set.
I?m thinking my way?s
As good as it gets.
Life in the slow lane is the best.

CODA: Oh, people are always running around.
Tell me, what?s all the fuss?
Life in the slow lane -
Such a rush.
Lyrics Credits: Jeffrey Scharf
Music Credits: Jerome Rossen
Song Length: 4:29
Primary Genre: Jazz-Standards
Secondary Genre: -