Jeffrey Scharf
A House Without You

Dawn of another day.
Radio starts to play.
Wakes me up in this room all alone.
I must have been mad
Not to know what I had.
A house without you isn?t home.

Nine to five,
Work the line.
Think of you all the time.
Wish I had you to hurry home to.
When quitting time comes,
I?ve got nowhere to run.
A house without you isn?t home.

Evening time falls.
I just stare at these walls.
Picture myself at your door.
My memory takes flight
And I?m with you tonight
To see you, to hold you,
To love you once more.

Midnight strikes.
My dream ends.
Walls close in on me again.
Only shadows I see are my own.
A cold, lonely bed for the hours ahead.
A house without you isn?t home.
Lyrics Credits: Jeffrey Scharf
Music Credits: Jeffrey Scharf
Song Length: 4:47
Primary Genre: Jazz-General
Secondary Genre: -